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Future News: Book One, Introduction

Future News: Book One, Introduction
Bill Tenuto
July 4, 2005

We human beings are in trouble. The planet Earth and the human beings who live on it are nearing the end of a natural and predictable cycle. As the end approaches, the forces and stresses associated with these rapidly changing times are weakening our global economy, fracturing our social structures, rearranging our international alliances and cracking the very crust of the earth itself.

We are living in the midst of a transitional period, during which the old and the new are positioned at opposite poles, pulling on each other more and more intensely and becoming more and more opposed. We have entered into a time period during which there is the potential for so much destruction that it is almost beyond comprehension and belief. A period of great destruction is coming. This destruction will be created in part by a nuclear war, resulting from human shortsightedness, greed and the desire for power; and in part by the very earth herself, whose last resort for defense will be a show of inconceivable force and power.

We human beings continue to discover creative ways to keep our species on the road to self-destruction. We have become so good at this that we now have a way to burn ourselves and our earth to ashes. But we humans also have the intelligence and the resources needed to take a quantum leap to our next level of evolution, whereby we literally could access the individual life force within each of us and co-create with the universal life force behind all that exists. I have seen and felt that by each of us channeling the individual life force in alignment with the universe around us, we collectively could develop the capability to regain the earthly paradise we once lost. Knowledge of this paradise lies deep within us.

Living on the earth today, there probably are millions of people for whom these words will resonate, people who can and will hear the "call" I am putting out. The time has come.

Try as we may to destroy ourselves as a species, the earth as our mother, the giver of life, cannot allow us to continue to poison her. The earth by her nature must protect herself to continue to create and nurture life. I have seen that she will strike out to protect herself from destruction, and she will do so with a power and magnitude that none of us have experienced before. The earth will cleanse herself and thereby protect and heal herself through a prolonged sequence of overwhelmingly destructive natural disasters and cataclysms.

I believe that millions of us will survive through the upcoming nuclear war and the succession of continent-cracking earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and even comet debris raining down from the sky. During this time, the earth will recycle herself. I have seen that the earth will seem to turn inside out, shedding her old skin and transforming her surface. The molten magma will erupt to the surface and harden to re-shape the continents above, and the old, hardened crust will be thrust downward to melt into the molten magma below. This is a natural and cyclical regeneration process.

After she goes through this cycle of change, the earth's role for the future will be the same as it has been for millions of years--to allow life, including whatever may be left of human life, to regenerate, maintain itself and evolve. I have seen that those of us who do survive through these most dangerous of times will evolve into conscious beings of light. We will take the form of a new humanity and function with an understanding of how our spirit selves will "know" reality through our lighter and more spacious physical bodies.

To get us there, dormant genes within us will be turned on, sharpening the necessary instincts and heightening our awareness so we receive information through more than just our five physical senses. Even with this, surviving or not surviving may come down to a random process of just being in the right place at the right time; but with sharpened instincts and a heightened awareness, danger can possibly be anticipated and thereby avoided. Then the very experience gained from getting through a destructive event and thereafter surviving will act as the best teacher we could ask for.

Those of us who do survive through these upcoming destructive events will have learned, adapted and evolved.
We will then have new eyes to clearly see the past, the present, the future and one another.

While reading this book and the other books that will follow in this series, I recommend that the reader pay close attention. For a period of perhaps the next 20 years or so, humanity will experience a multitude of destructive events, increasing more in their power and in their scope as time goes on. What this book and the other books I will write will have to say is intended to prepare those who are "listening" to be ready for the destructive events that are coming--the wars, the natural disasters and the cataclysms.

The information presented in this series of books is intended to help us survive. Although we may not be able to prevent the upcoming disasters, I am writing this book and those that will follow to save as many lives as possible and to help us evolve out of this old world and into the new humanity on the New Earth.

I will work to use my gift of foresight--my vision--to give us the advanced notice we may want and need to warn us about the dangers I see coming. For those of us who do survive, I have seen a New Earth, embracing and sustaining us as newly evolved beings of conscious light.

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


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