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Book One, Chapter Four: "Flight." Section One: "China, Japan and U.S. Setting Up For World War III"

Book One, Chapter Four: "Flight"

Section One: "China, Japan and U.S. Setting Up For World War III"

September 25, 2005

Bill Tenuto

According to a recent article in the New York Post, the world is moving closer to a world war. China and Japan have started to face off for a showdown over natural gas reserves. More than likely, the U.S. will be pulled into this.

Before I quote the specifics from that article, I will repeat the prediction about a "big war" from Carlos Barrios, a priest of the Maya, and also repeat my own vision about China's entry into the upcoming World War III. If the Mayan Calendar is right, we have less than six months to go.

The Message From Carlos Barrios and The Mayan Elders
"And now the elders say the year 2006 is very dangerous, and that it is going to happen in the period from March to November when humanity can come in a big war, in a destruction. …We can destroy ourselves." *

Many Will Die
A lot of people will die next year and thereafter. Many of the people I know and love will die. I will mourn for them, and I will grieve for them, as any person would mourn and grieve over the loss of loved ones.

I am working now to prepare myself for this. I don't know how much preparation I can do. Maybe it just has to hit me all at once when it happens. But because I have seen it coming for the last 25 years, the grief will multiply in intensity for me when my vision becomes real. This is a heavy load for me to carry now.

The Vision I Have Held: World War III
I know this vision is not a pleasant one. A vision of a world war cannot be pleasant.

Human beings have been fighting wars for thousands of years. We think we now have become so much more civilized and sophisticated, but nothing has changed in the 21st Century. (At least not yet.) Our arrogance, blindness and stupidity dishearten me.

I will repeat my own words. They are worth repeating.

"If we do not change our future through collective action, then the start of World War III is inevitable."*

When I wrote those words in December 2004, I still was holding on to a last thread of hope for us. I thought that people surely would wake up and see what is happening around us. Now I have no hope. Come what may, we will get the results of what we jointly create, and we are all in this together.

The chances are very remote that we will prevent the horror of a nuclear holocaust. We are in too deeply now. Here again are my words about China's entry into World War III.

When the fighting breaks out in the Middle East next year and the nukes start flying:

"The developed countries of the world will at this point insist on a cease-fire. Because of the unimaginable and unique potential for a war of untold destruction, both sides will accept a cease-fire. For a period of time, this cease-fire will hold."

"I sense, however, that this cease-fire will be broken by some event which I cannot yet decipher and can only vaguely 'see.' I feel guided to conclude that suddenly and without warning World War III will start up again, expanding and escalating into a second phase when another nation enters into the conflict. For a reason or reasons yet unknown to me, this other nation appears to be China."*

When I wrote those words, most people wondered how it could be possible for China to want to wage war against the U.S. "Not China," I heard. "How could that be? The Chinese need to trade with the U.S. Our economies are booming. It's not logical."

If fact, there is a perfect logic to it. China is driven by the logic that there is not enough fossil fuel in the world to go around.

I see now that the pretext for China's entry into and escalation of World War III will be control of Taiwan. The real reason for China's entry into and escalation of World War III will be control of oil and natural gas. This will tip the delicate balance, and the next (and last) world war then will become unstoppable.

The Start Of World War III Is Inevitable
The following excerpt is taken from Arthur Herman's New York Post article of September 23, 2005, "The Coming War For Oil: China, Japan and U.S. in Middle." This excerpt spells out what is happening right now in the Pacific Rim. China and Japan are posturing for war.

"Mention 'blood for oil' and most people think of Iraq. But the place where the scramble for control of the planet's fossil-fuel resources is actually pointing toward a shooting war is the Pacific Rim--and the United States would find itself in the crossfire."

"Oil and gas are the lifeline of today's economies; Hurricane Katrina (and now Rita) showed us what even a brief interruption of supplies can cost. Now imagine the impact on a major industrialized country--one even more dependent on imported oil than we are--when that lifeline is severed not for a month or two, but through a permanent naval blockade by a powerful competitor."

"That's the catastrophe Japan will face if it can't protect its access to energy from another energy-hungry power, China."

"Both nations find themselves in a new world where oil and gas are the big stakes in global competition--stakes so huge that nations must be ready to go to war to secure them. And given America's commitments to Japan, and strategic interest in the region, that means us, too."

"At stake in this case are the rich natural gas reserves in the remote uninhabited Senkaku Islands, located in the China Sea roughly halfway between Taiwan and Okinawa…"

"Japan is the world's fourth-largest oil consumer and the second-largest importer (by volume) after the United States. …Exploiting these Senkaku reserves is crucial to Japan's energy future."

"But China, the world's second-largest fossil-fuel consumer, is muscling in on the act. And it has never recognized Japan's claim to the islands."

"Earlier this year the Chinese announced they would start drilling in the Chunxaio gas fields, just a mile north of the Exclusive Zone that Japan established around the Senkakus. Japan worries this will enable the Chinese to siphon off the 1.6 trillion cubic feet of precious natural gas buried there."

"In March, China ordered the Japanese government to rescind its claim to the Senkakus or 'take full responsibility' for what happens. Japanese Prime Minister Koizumu has refused to back down. So to make the point, two weeks ago a Chinese naval task force, including a 7,930-ton Sovremenny-class missile destroyer and two Jianghu-class frigates, appeared off the coast of the Chunxiao fields."

"The world now awaits Japan's response: It is bound to be tough. In November 2004 Japan detected a Chinese sub cruising off Okinawa; the result was a full scale mobilization of Japan's navy, only the second since World War Two."

"China's provocative naval moves only heighten tensions in a region on alert because of China's threats against Taiwan (which also has claims to the Senkakus and is just as fossil-fuel thirsty as either of its rivals). Add in the fact that a Chinese naval blockade of the Taiwan Straits would virtually cut off Japan from its sources of Middle East oil, and that both Russia and North Korea are watching and waiting on the sidelines, and you have the making of a first-class international crisis, if not war."

"All this is eerily reminiscent of the international 'incidents' in the years leading up to World War One, when Europe's Great powers tested each other's willingness to go to the brink…."

"Each time, Great Britain or France or Germany or all three felt compelled to mobilize for a war none of them wanted. Each time diplomats smoothed ruffled feathers (just as Japan and China have pledged to 'talk' about the Senkakus)--while generals and admirals studied each other's military responses and got ready for the next time."

"Because when the stakes are really vital, there always is a next time--as Europe found out in July 1914 when the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand set off an 'incident' none of them could control, and plunged the world into a general conflagration."

"In 1914, the stakes were colonial empires and the scramble for 'a place in the sun.' Today, it's oil. Like Europe's Great Powers a century ago, the industrial powers of Asia and the Pacific Rim are strong, self-confident, self-assertive; they feel their time for greatness has arrived. But the threat of shrinking oil supply and rising prices hovers over their future. One day, perhaps sooner than we think, war may seem preferable to national disaster and disgrace."

"World wars come when aggressors sense a weak link in the chain of collective security, as Germany did in 1914 and again in 1939--and imperial Japan in 1941. Let's not make that same mistake again."

"No one wants war over the Senkakus. But then, no one did over Archduke Ferdinand either."**

The Great Gathering of the Tribes
I continue to hold the vision. I see what is coming. Anyone with foresight sees it. Those of us who want to create a better world for ourselves first must create a safe haven where we can ride out all of the destruction that is on the way--the natural catastrophes and the human warfare. It is going to get bad soon. The Native Americans have known about all of this for centuries. They have invited those of us who are non-Native Americans to join them. We all are kindred spirits.

Many people will die. Their loss will hurt. I will mourn for them with deep-felt sadness. Their deaths will be the sacrifice they will make for those of us who are left alive to continue on. The dead will join us in spirit, but not everyone will die. Some must stay alive to keep the human race going and make the evolutionary transition that will take place during our lifetimes.

From this moment forward, I shall direct my writing to those with the instincts, understanding and will to survive. We are the ones who must live through this and go on. We have chosen a rugged path to follow, but it is a good path. It all stems from goodness within.

We all are related, all of us in body and all of us in spirit. Years ago, the kind people of the Sioux Nation helped me discover this truth. The Sioux say I am wakan (the Lakota word for spirit). The vision is clear to me. I am calling out with my vision to all my relations among all the races of humanity.

I have spoken to Carlos Barrios, the messenger of the Mayan Elders, about my vision. He and I understand one another's visions better now. Our visions are intertwined. Carlos and his brother, Gerardo, have been talking to the Hopi Elders, to the Navajo and to other shamans they know from many of the tribes of North America and South America . We will join with one another to teach. We are preparing. The planning has begun.

At the right time, Native Americans and non-Native Americans will gather. To those who desire to live in peace on earth, I am calling you out. There will be a great gathering of all the races of humanity. When we gather, we will find a way out of this mess.

First, I will take my work out to the cities and towns to teach what I know to help us find our unity and align with the spirit. We need this now to heal our shattered, frightened lives. Carlos Barrios has asked me if he could join me, along with his brother Gerardo and the many Native American shamans they know who have been preparing for this moment. We are developing plans for this. We will speak. We will teach. I have decided to begin in New York City and then go out from there. We will prepare the way for the great gathering that will happen later.

Very soon each one of us must choose who we are.
*Bill Tenuto, "Nuclear War: A Futurist's View, The Bible Code, Mayan Prophecy and My Vision of World War III," Future News, December 2004. (Also see Bill Tenuto, "China Builds Up Military for Armed Conflict with U.S.," Future News, June 2005.

**Arthur Herman, "The Coming War for Oil: China, Japan and U.S. in Middle," New York Post, September 23, 2005, p. 37)

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


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