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Hurricane or Tsunami Will Hit New York's Long Island. Earthquake Will Hit New York City

Hurricane or Tsunami Will Hit New York's Long Island. Earthquake Will Hit New York City
Bill Tenuto
June 29, 2005

Either a hurricane or a tsunami generated in the Atlantic Ocean will hit hard against the South Shore of New York's Long Island, flooding much of Long Island and parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. This hurricane or tsunami also will hit parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island as well as Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.

If a hurricane strikes first (and I perceive there could be more than one hurricane), I would interpret the hurricane (or hurricanes) as a kind of warning sign from the sea, signaling that, as other forces build and events unfold over the course of time, a tsunami could sweep through the region, eroding the shoreline, rearranging the configuration of the land and flooding parts of New York City and much of Long Island in a matter of minutes.

As I write this, I am viewing a picture--a vision--of New York City. In the vision, the middle of Manhattan Island looks like it is caving in. The middle of Manhattan drops downward in the shape of a "V." I see a bright, white glow emitted from this cave in. This bright light seems to fill all of New York City, and I can feel the strength of this light. This light, I sense, is symbolic of the future development of unity and community for the people of New York.

This light symbolizing the future development of unity and community for the people of New York may be associated in a profound way with the image of New York caving in. The cave in image suggests to me something which I have felt for many years: one day, New York City will experience an earthquake. If an earthquake does hit New York, perhaps this event, as is so often the case when disaster strikes, will bring with it the light of compassion which will awaken the people of New York to the value of kindness and unite New Yorkers in a heartfelt bond of community.

I feel we are on the threshold of an onslaught of natural disasters which will strike not only in New York, but also all around the planet. The lesson of kindness has been, up to now, a hard lesson for humanity to learn, but it has become a lesson we must learn if we are to survive as a species through these upcoming dangers, and ultimately if we are to evolve into community with one another and into balance with the earth. I feel we human beings now have reached a critical period in our development during which the pain and suffering brought on by a series of upcoming disasters will awaken from the depths of our consciousness a collective desire to be compassionate and kind. If, as I believe, we have chosen this specific path by which to learn the value of kindness, then we have chosen a harsh and difficult path indeed. If this is the chosen path by which we will prepare ourselves for our upcoming evolutionary leap, then the suffering and tears brought on by a series of future disasters inevitably will serve as our teachers.

I believe the upcoming disasters I foresee are meant to wear down the resistance of our human will until only compassion and kindness remain. Then we can and will evolve literally into the light and re-acquire paradise in the form of the new humanity on the New Earth. (See "The Vision of Future News--To My Friends," Future News, Home Page, left column, July 2004 archive.)

I feel the specific disasters I have described above will take place over a period of time and in a sequence of events. Although I do not know in what order this sequence of events will take place, I feel that conditions now are right for this sequence of events to begin.

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


Anonymous Deb said...

Hi Bill,

I read your earthquake post, in which you mention the white light.
When I was a child, I had repeated nightmares of a pure all-encompassing white light associated with....ummmm... fear.
I have always had the feeling that this event (whatever fearful event attaches itself to the white light) would someday happen....and that it would happen when I am 50 years old.
I just turned 50 on June 13th. So my instincts tell me that within the next 50 weeks, a catastrophic event will take place previously unknown to man for its size and destruction.
For what it's worth.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Dear Mr. Tenuto:
I read a little of your Future News and sent some of it to my family and friends. They think I am weird anyway, because I have a strong belief in all that has been said in your future news.
Quite honestly, I am scared to death. Not so much for myself, but for my grandchildren and their children.
I know I read somewhere online about some Island in the Atlantic ocean that at some time in the future, would break in half and slide into the Ocean and cause a great tsunami on the East Cost of the United States....It will touch others to on the way. This could be in the near future or not so near future. With all that is going on in this world...I am not sure that we can save it. Our morals have shifted to down right evil and disgusting. I hope you don't think I am a weirdo too, I am not. I simply see all that is happening and I believe all that you say.
Just wanted to share my thoughts with you...thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 12:57:00 PM  
Blogger Ramon said...

Dear Bill,
Most people have the misconception to believe they are not a part of nature. Wether we believe it or not, that is a reality that we can not excape. We humans are but cells of a much larger organism called Earth. Just as the human body is constantly trying to balance itself, so too is the Earth. Now we humans can either be a beneficial cell or we can be a cancer. For centuries we have built a civilization where the balance of nature has not always been taken into account. We have devasted forests, wiped out whole species of animals and flora. All for what? For what we consider as advancement of civilization. These are but a few examples of how we separate ourselves from the the main body of our planet. The human collective needs to realize that we can not live separate from our planet. That we need to re-establish the delicate balance that we so foolishly have disrupted. Natural catastrophes still overwhelm us because of the lack of prepardness and acceptance of this delicate balance. I am ever hopeful that someday we will restore the delicate balance and fulfill our destiny as the caretaker of this wonderful planet.


Friday, September 02, 2005 8:57:00 PM  
Blogger sammy said...


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Friday, February 29, 2008 2:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi bill, and to anyone that reads this I'am from newyork city,I have recently leave from there. One 2007of january the 1st,which was on my birthday. I been told by divine intuition to leave Newyork, I had the strangest feeling of death all around it was so intense that I left everything I behind I own. I truly believe that something terrible will happen there.I'am not the only one who felt that way. On my way out of Newyork,people were leaving in droves. they said to me that they had a sudden arge to leave. It was unbelieveable, It fell like being in noah's day of the great flood

Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Aladin said...

Hi Bill...
This is Smittwufie, i was lucky enough to survive the tsunami in New York due to your prediction. I owe my life to you!!!

Ps.are you sure thats you in that picture?

Sunday, August 17, 2008 12:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Haych said...


maybe the tsunami you were referring to was the "finical crisis” that hit in 08. acouple of people have commented that they wanted to leave prior to 2008

Monday, December 14, 2009 9:29:00 PM  
Blogger Bill Tenuto said...

Hi Haych,

Thank you for your comment.

Although it is possible that you are correct and that the "tsunami" I predicted was actually symbolic of the financial crisis that hit in 2008, it is also possible that a real hurricane or tsunami eventually will hit New York.

I did not predict a time frame for when this hurrricane or tsunami would occur because, as I say in My Profile, time can be elusive. Some of my predictions of time will be accurate. Other predictions I might make about time will be off the mark.

What many people don't realize is that an event such as the hurricane or tsunami predicted here could take place in the near future, or it could take place in the distant future. It could take place this month, or it could take place many, many years from now. We'll see.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009 1:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I go to New York form time to time to visit my family i had a dream that i was in the city and i had my daughter in my hand and i saw a big wave coming towards me i was thinking i have no were to run i just stood there and held my daughter and then i woke up -don't know if it means anything but we will see

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 1:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well we just had a small earthquake here in NYC yes I felt it..I've also had dreams sort of predictions of the earth caving in and a huge tsunamy..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:47:00 AM  
Anonymous swimmerpoet said...

Bill, Thanks for your posts. I had a dream earlier this week that I was in New York City with my husband for a visit. He's never been there before, though I have many times. We were driving north along what I believe is FDR Drive. All the buildings started to vibrate and then one-by-one began to collapse straight downward like the twin towers did in 2001. Soon after, a huge wave come in from the east that started to tear up the harbor areas and the highway. I wanted to turn the car around to go the other way, but it was too late. My husband said, "Of course we'd be in New York when this happens." The wave was about to overwhelm everything. It was terrifying but I was resigned to perish with everyone else. But next thing I knew we were swimming down a flooded alley to safety.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 9:04:00 AM  

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