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Book One, Chapter Two: The New Humanity--The Vision Of The Maya, The Sioux Sundance And The Vision Of Future News

Future News
Book One, Chapter Two: "The New Humanity: The Vision Of The Maya, The Sioux Sundance And The Vision Of Future News

Section I: "A Shared Vision Of The New Humanity"
Section II: "The Probability Of Continued Destruction And The New Humanity: Carlos Barrios And The Message of the Maya"
Section III: "Creating Organic, Human Community: The Sioux Sundance"
Section IV: "The New Humanity: The Vision Of Future News"
Section V: "Evolution Means Change"

July 24, 2005
Predictions and Prophecies
Bill Tenuto

A Shared Vision of the New Humanity
Humanity is approaching an evolutionary quantum leap.

In December 2003 and again in June and July 2004, I focused my vision on what the future will look like after we have evolved into a new form of human being. The images I foresaw looked extraordinary. I wrote about these images in "The Vision of Future News--To My Friends" (Future News, Home Page, left column, July 2004 Archive), and I referred to what I foresaw as "the new humanity on the New Earth."

Three months later, in October 2004, I met Carlos Barrios, a priest of the Maya, at a conference in Sedona, Arizona. When Carlos and I first spoke, I had not yet had the opportunity to describe to him my vision of our future, evolutionary leap, so I was surprised when he looked at me and suddenly, out of the blue, spoke my own words to me. What he said to me was, "The new humanity." He then nodded his head in a gesture of agreement, conveying to me that he knew that I knew. Since that first meeting, I have realized that Carlos Barrios, the Mayan Elders, whose message he brings to the world, and I are bound together by a common vision.

Carlos and I have been working to share this vision, and all that is associated with it, with others.

In July 2004, in "The Vision of Future News--To My Friends," I had written that I could foresee:

"a new humanity, brighter, open and lighter and living in harmony with new eyes to see the brilliant, yellow-gold light of the New Earth."

What I did not know while I was writing those words was that at about the same time, in 2004, Carlos Barrios was saying something similar. In Carlos' words from 2004, we will:

"create the new human race, the new humanity. I see a new light, I see a new world."
This is our shared vision. I believe the realization of this vision one day will bring the human race together in an organic, human community on the earth.

In the remainder of this chapter, I will quote segments from what Carlos Barrios and the Mayan Elders have had to say about the probability of continued destruction and also about the creation of the new humanity. I then will discuss my experience in 1991 at the Sioux Sundance, and the power of the Sundance to join people from all around the world in organic, human community. Finally, I will describe details, in a compilation of my own visions, about the "new humanity on the New Earth."
The Probability of Continued Destruction and The New Humanity: Carlos Barrios and the Message of the Maya

Carlos Barrios has been authorized by the Mayan Elders to take their messages and prophecies out into the world. He has been doing this for over 20 years. Only recently have people been paying attention.

In his 1999 book, El Libro del Destino, Carlos Barrios said:

"In this Epic time that we are living…there will be diseases we have not known, plagues, floods, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, and Mother Earth will grow hotter. And the saddest thing is that we see all of what is happening around us and we will be passive, doing nothing, because we are so involved with our daily lives and our material needs that we will take things for granted. Mother Earth…is saying that we have been irresponsible, causing contamination and not stopping the destruction. How you ask? We are accomplices for letting a few unscrupulous humans destroy hundreds of hectares of forest every day, factories that contaminate the atmosphere and for what? …If we do not stop what we are doing and change our attitude and be more conscious we can only wait and see what Mother Earth will unleash, as she will start correcting all the errors that we have done to her. And that is how the end of the cycle will commence, and that is how a part of humanity will disappear. But we still have time. …We must be more conscious before it is too late."
(This English translation is contained within the article, "A Call from the Mayan Elders to the Human Race," and can be viewed at

More recently, in 2004, Carlos Barrios appeared on a radio program, "The Wisdom of the Elders." (To listen to the complete program, click on

I have extracted some quotes (below) from Carlos Barrios' comments on that program. I think these quotes explain what Carlos and the Mayan Elders are saying about present conditions on the earth and our approaching evolution into the new humanity.

(Note: Carlos Barrios is a literate man whose native language is Spanish. Although he speaks English reasonably well, I have taken the liberty to add a word or phrase to his comments where I thought this would help clarify the meaning. In the quotes below, I have placed parentheses [ ] around any words or phrases I have added--B.T.)

In the section below, Carlos Barrios speaks about "the time of the prophecies," the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the significance of December 21, 2012.

"The Elders call this moment "the time of the prophecies" and at the same time they call it "the return of the wisdom people."
"We are living in very, very hard times, and we have the opportunity to grow, to develop, to transmute this energy of darkness or [to] destroy humanity."
"The 9/11 terrorist attacks…changed the energy of humanity. …We are beginning. If you could imagine a kid--if we can compare this energy to a kid who was born in 2001, it's going to take 13 years longer for him to grow. In the Mayan world, a kid, when he arrives at the 13th year, he is considered like an adult. He is beginning to change, he is beginning to have more harmony, but this [13-year] period is too dangerous. And 2006 is a very, very dangerous period. There will be earthquakes, inundations, hurricanes…because Mother earth is going to show us her power if we don't change our minds, if we don't work together."
"So [by using] this energy [that] we are talking about, we have the chance to change…to create the energy of harmony and to create the energy of balance. And maybe people [will] understand and grow."
"21 December 2012 is the cycle of 5,200 [years]. …We call each of these cycles 'the Sun.' …We are leaving the 4th Sun. …We have the access now to the five Suns. We have the opportunity now…to change all things."
Next, Carlos makes a reference to the destruction of civilizations in previous ages. He says these civilizations missed their opportunity "to change all things" when they arrived at a point in time similar to the point in time we now are approaching. He refers to these civilizations as "humanities."
"The past humanities…they have…they have arrived [at] this moment, but they lost their power. They can't pass with Mother Earth to the next level. These humanities were destroyed, and Mother Earth takes millions of years to reconstruct and to have a new human race…to return our humanity."
"But now we hope [we can pass with Mother Earth to the next level]. And this is very, very amazing and important. …There are now more people with consciousness…there are more people with the understanding…"
"…2012 doesn't mean this is the end of the world. This is the end of a cycle--of a kind of life we are living."
"The Elders say that in 2052 there is coming the real peace, the real wisdom to the people who survive."
Next, Carlos makes the same point that I have made in the Introduction and in Chapter One of this book. We can stop the destruction, and if we do so then all of us will survive and evolve. But if we don't stop the destruction, then only some of us will survive. According to the Mayan Elders, if the destruction happens, then maybe 25% of humanity will survive. This 25% will "create" the new humanity.

"We are destroying the Mother Earth, and if we don't stop this destruction, we don't have a chance to survive."
"…so when I talk about the destruction, when I talk about the war…the Elders are disappointed, because we hope that the people awaken, and the people understand we can…stop the destruction. This is the message of the Elders. Please return to being human. Return to the natural order. And please take action."
"…action meaning I am going to put in the heart peace and love, and I am going to have enough energy to take control."
"The Elders say the younger people are coming with more energy and with more consciousness because they are afraid we will destroy Mother Earth."
"We need to change our energy. …if we don't find out what can be [done] for the environment, our brothers the animals, the plants, the trees, we can expect nothing. So we need to find our own self, we need to have the peace, the love, the understanding, because it's just our illusions that are working. We are working like [we are] stupid all the time, running to go any place just to buy things and [this] looks like happiness. But the real happiness is [from] the free things in life."
"If we don't take care of the vegetation and all the natural environment, we can destroy millions of people. This is happening."
"But of course, it's going to be a portion of humanity, maybe 25%, who [are] going to survive. And [these] are the people [who] are going to create the new human race, the new humanity. So I see a new light, I see a new world, I see a new opportunity and I see we have the chance to do [it] together. Not necessary the destruction; just necessary the understanding, and it is coming."
"This is something [from] the prophecies: the return of the 'wisdom people'…. They say they are going to return on 21 December 2012. And some people are expecting their return like a…beam, but other people say it's just the energy that returns to help us to transform…for the people who survive if we don't stop the destruction."
"When I have spoken to the Elders, they are disappointed, but they hope we can do it."

The Mayan Elders are "disappointed" because they doubt that we will do enough in the time we have left to stop the destruction. Nevertheless, they hope we will find a way.

Creating Organic, Human Community: The Sioux SundanceIn 1991, Elders of the Sioux Nation extended an open invitation to Native Americans and non-Native Americans alike to attend the Sundance Ceremony in South Dakota. To experience the Sundance is to experience the annual renewal by the Sioux of organic, human community. In 1991, I shared the experience of this with hundreds of people from all over the world who felt drawn to participate in this sacred ceremony. For me, the bonding of so many diverse people in community, created by the spirit of the Sioux Sundance, exemplified what was possible for all of us everywhere on the planet.

The way to create organic, human community is a spiritual way, and it is available to all of us of all nations.

From my experience of the Sundance, I learned that there exists a spirit energy whose purpose is to guide the behavior of each of us as individuals and all of us as a human community. To access the guidance of this spirit energy, one first must have the discipline to become quiet and then the willingness to learn to listen.

The answers to our questions are there within each of us. All we need to do is become quiet and listen.

The Sioux Elders told us the power of the spirit of the Sundance was meant "for the good of all the people." They told us if we worked hard, the spirit of the Sundance would reward us, and the rewards we received would be related to how much spiritual work we put into the ceremony. During the four days of the Sundance, the days became hotter while the work became harder for those of us who chose to put our hearts and souls into it. We did the spiritual work necessary to quiet ourselves enough to listen to the wisdom within, and we made the effort to open ourselves to the spirit of the Sundance.

For our hard work and efforts we were rewarded at the end of the Sundance with the experience of a spontaneous "return to the natural order." As this experience unfolded around us, there emerged for me and for the many others who diligently did their spiritual work a simple joy among us; a sense of the presence of a benevolent, guiding force; a casual ease about caring for one another; and, accompanying all of this, the natural harmony of people from all around the planet joined in organic, human community.

If we recall for a moment what Carlos Barrios said (above) about the message of the Mayan Elders, their message tells us what we need to know in just a few, meaningful words.

"This is the message of the Elders. Please return to being human. Please return to the natural order."

If there is any question about how to do this, a ceremony such as the Sundance can point us in the right direction.

The Sundance and my experience there provide an example of the value placed on spirituality by a present-day culture deeply rooted in sacred traditions. Essential to this culture's traditional way of living is the emphasis it places on the power of spirituality to bring people together in organic, human community. The Sundance exemplifies how spiritual work done by each of us for the sake of all of us generates an innate, human response to "return to the natural order." The Sundance is rooted in a traditional understanding of the way in which human beings are meant to live on the earth. Therein lies a simple yet profound wisdom which technologically advanced cultures seem to have forgotten.

We have improved our creature comforts, prolonged our life spans and benefited in many other ways from technological innovations, and technological development must continue for us to evolve. But it is incumbent upon the cultures that have advanced technologically to remember the wisdom which shows us how human beings are meant to live on this earth, and to weave this wisdom back into our communities. Unless we yield to the guidance of this wisdom, our own technology will annihilate us.

The wisdom of the spirit lies within each of us. It is infused in our own human nature. By each of us freely choosing to behave according to the guidance of this wisdom, we can re-establish our organic ties to each other. Contained within this wisdom are all the rules for how we are supposed to live on the earth. This wisdom will go forward with us as we approach that point in time when we will receive the energy to turn the earth once again into a garden paradise.

As we move toward our evolution into the new humanity, it requires a process of learning as we go. We have the intelligence to learn, and we have the love to do it together. We will learn how to awaken.

It is in our own best interest to take the initiative consciously and freely to change ourselves before the change is thrust upon us. Perhaps a sufficient number of us can form a critical mass of people who are awakening to see the harm we are doing to ourselves and more importantly to recognize our potential "to change all things." This would be a first step in re-directing humanity away from its current collision course with total destruction and towards a merging with the energy of the spirit in the co-creation of an evolved form of human being.

If, as the Mayan Elders predict, 2006 will be "a very, very dangerous" year, then we are running out of time before the destruction becomes more severe.

The New Humanity: The Vision of Future News
As I foresee it, we human beings, the caretakers of this garden--earth--one day will take all the love, compassion and kindness in all the world, pull it together and hold it in one embrace. This is the remedy for the thousands of years of human hatred, violence, domination, war, famine, starvation, disease, loneliness--all human pain and suffering.

It is the love embrace by all for all that will create the proper environment in which a mutation, a biochemical reaction, will alter our physical makeup, open the spaces between the particles, atoms and molecules of our very cells and bring on the moment of evolution and human transformation. We then will awaken fully, look and discover we have transformed into the new humanity on the New Earth.

I have foreseen images portraying what will happen after the earth makes her upcoming transition. I have foreseen and felt people transformed into a new kind of human being. I have foreseen a New Earth, too, and filling my vision was a bright, yellow light that seemed to disperse out into the air itself. As I became more immersed in this vision, it appeared to me that human beings were breathing in the very light itself. It was--and this may be symbolic imagery or not--as if they did not need to breathe air anymore.

I thought about how fish "breathe" water through their gills. What if a primeval fish suddenly found itself flung ashore by a wave, only to discover that because of some recent and "random" evolutionary spark of a DNA mutation, it now had the capacity to breathe air and survive on land? Breathing air would have been as different an experience for that fish as breathing light might be for us, the new humanity living on the New Earth.

I marvel at what my visions are pointing out. As I track the unfolding possibilities of our future, my own perceptions of reality are shifting and dissolving. I am beginning only barely to comprehend what I foresee.

We human beings one day will find ourselves resting on the shore of a New Earth, carried there by the force of a wave emanating from a field of energy centered within our Milky Way galaxy?

A new energy is out there, and we are moving closer into alignment with it.

In a few years, we on the earth will be aligned fully with this field of energy. If, as I have sensed, this field of energy is emanating from the center of the Milky Way, then our full alignment with this field of energy will take place on December 21, 2012. This field of energy contains the waves of impulses needed to cause a mutation of life on earth almost unequaled in the history of the planet. The magnitude of this mutation will be similar to the magnitude of the mutation which allowed life to crawl out of the sea and onto the land.

To create the future form of human life--of all life--on the New Earth, a mutation will occur. In our new, human form, although our new, physical bodies will eventually wear out, we will not experience death, but rather transmutation. Our physical bodies will be illuminated with impulses of light energy, and in our new, human experience, we will straddle both the reality of the physical and the reality of the spirit. Mates will join into partnerships of oneness as male and female energies begin to find the way to merge. The light of clarity will constantly fill our minds and creativity will occupy our existence. Humans will have sprung upward on the evolutionary scale.

I feel and sense the "pull" on the human species toward transformation into lightness and floating beauty and translucent, physical forms of telepathic sight, sound, touch, taste and smell; this represents the future reality of a New Earth where dreams are dreamt into manifestation with the motion of the mind.

The images and information I have been gathering point to the evolution of a new humanity in which our perceptions will expand beyond the five senses; in which we will develop new physical eyes with which to "see." The images and information I have been gathering suggest that on the New Earth there will be no further need for what has been a seemingly endless earthly struggle for physical survival.

The evolutionary quantum leap I foresee will provide the opportunity for us to create a paradise on earth.

Evolution Means Change
It is natural and normal for us to dislike changes. We tend to make a fuss whenever we have to deal with any changes, but the changes that are coming to our earth will be huge ones, leading to the biggest global transition in human history.

Upcoming events will propel humanity and the very earth itself into a state of transformation and into higher consciousness. I have foreseen a new humanity, brighter, open and lighter and living in harmony with new eyes to see in the brilliant, yellow light of the New Earth.

Here and now, in these times, there is a choice for us to make. We can raise our consciousness and our understanding in a deliberate, planned and communal way and thereby literally co-create our selves into the new humanity. Or we can allow the events of a global destruction to force this transformation on us, in which case we soon will face trouble and peril and leave our evolutionary leap into the new humanity up to those who survive.

Our evolutionary leap is approaching. The decision on how we participate in our own evolution rests with each of us.

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


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Thank you for your visions and your work in the world.

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What needs do we need to tend to? These visions I too have had glimpses of ...I saw this planet shrug off its pollution, slowly right itself and how it no longer was forced to spin the earthquakes quieted and the weather mild. No famine or plague. We now are to enjoy life without struggle or fear.
It is now 04-05-2013 is anyone out there . Will there be SumdNe this year? If so I feel compelled to say frequency waves are one of the concepts we need to reveal the infinity affect.

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I just left a comment. Please contact me for we share vision of our planet healed reborn as Eden, our beloved mother earth peace.

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