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Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake Shakes Southern California, Verifying Future News Prediction

Future News--Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake Shakes Southern California, Verifying Future News Prediction
Bill Tenuto
June 18, 2005

The Vision
On June 15, 2005, just after two earthquakes struck California in the same week, I wrote "Earthquake Will Shake Southern California." In it I said:

"The moment I focused, a feeling came over me suggesting that another earthquake would strike Southern California, perhaps soon."

"To find where the earthquake will be felt, I looked at a map of the United States. I was immediately drawn to Laguna Beach, California, a city just south of Los Angeles. This tells me that the earthquake will be felt in Laguna Beach and will strike in or near Laguna Beach."

The Confirmation
On June 16, 2005 at 1:53pm PT, the earthquake that I had predicted less than 24 hours earlier shook a wide area of Southern California. It was a magnitude 4.9.

Immediately after the earthquake struck, CNN's Wolf Blitzer Reports began with "Breaking News" coverage:

"The epicenter is about 70 miles or so east of Los Angeles in Yucaipa," Wolf Blitzer reported. "It's the third earthquake to hit Southern California this week."

The CNN News Ticker on the bottom of the screen said, "Earthquake was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego and in counties to the east."

Laguna Beach is located about 50 miles south of Los Angeles and about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. The residents of Laguna Beach would therefore have "felt" the earthquake, and the earthquake did strike "near" Laguna Beach, as I had foreseen when I looked at my map.

Also, in "Earthquake Will Shake Southern California," I had made two references to point out that the force of the earthquake would move in a sideways direction.

In the first of these references I wrote:

"The pillar is positioned under the roadway. The pillar is subjected to a force that moves it sideways."

In the second reference I wrote:

"Now I 'see' that the concrete pillar symbolically transforms into an object that looks like a smokestack. The ground under the object that looks like a smokestack moves sideways."

The June 16th earthquake actually did generate a sideways or horizontal force. Someone living in Yucaipa at the earthquake's epicenter confirmed this, as reported on the CNN News Ticker:

" 'Earthquake caused mostly a horizontal shaking, almost like someone pushing [the] side of the house,' Yucaipa resident told CNN."

These news reports about what actually took place verify the above predictions from "Earthquake Will Shake Southern California"; but other predictions in the article seem not to have happened.

The CNN News Ticker said:

" reports of injury or significant damage."

Yet in my vision I saw damage and I saw people who appeared to be sick. For example, I wrote:

"The pillar is subjected to a force that moves it sideways. ...the section of roadway above the pillar is weakened and damaged."

"The ground under the object that looks like a smokestack moves sideways. ...This may be symbolic of a power generating station that will fail, and an indication of power outages occurring where the earthquake will be felt."

"I can smell that some kind of gas or chemical will be released when this earthquake occurs. …The people I see appear to feel nauseous."

"I can 'see' a young healthcare worker, perhaps a doctor.... He has an optimistic look on his face. He is smiling."

"It looks like a fire will take place which will burn down this commercial plant or facility."

None of these predicted events happened. Why?

Interpreting the Metaphors (For some background on this, see Future News, Home Page, left column, "About Me, Bill Tenuto, 'How My Gift of Foresight Works.' ")
With regard to the pillar and the smokestack, these images were shown to me as metaphors to point out to me that the force of the earthquake would move sideways. They were not meant to be literal images of earthquake damage.

The image of the young healthcare worker, perhaps a doctor, who was smiling with an optimistic look on his face, also was a metaphor. It was meant to show me there would be no injuries from this earthquake.

Although the facts support the validity of interpreting these metaphorical images in this way, this does not explain why the other details I predicted, specifically about the fire damage to a facility and the people who appeared to be sick, did not occur.

Details in Other Images
One possibility is the other images I saw, depicting damage and sickness, simply were wrong. My own impressions and images may have filtered through, adding inaccurate details to what was otherwise an accurate vision.

Another possibility is the damage and sickness I foresaw may describe the results of another earthquake which will strike somewhere in California in the near future.

We can only wait and see what may happen and hope for the best.

I am, however, concerned that more frequent and more powerful earthquakes are on their way. When I was informed about the Indian Ocean earthquake which occurred on December 26, 2004, I remarked to the people with me, "It has started."

The significance of the Indian Ocean earthquake stands out for me as a prominent marker in geological time. I feel that when the Indian Ocean earthquake struck, we crossed a geological timeline into a different and new period of increased seismic activity, not just for California, but for the entire planet. I will have more to say about this as I continue to write.

How this new period of seismic activity will affect California--specifically Southern California--will be the topic of my next article.

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


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