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My Response To My European Readers About World War III

My Response To My European Readers About World War III
Bill Tenuto
July 31, 2006

Questions From European Readers
A reader from the United Kingdom and a second reader from France recently asked me these questions after reading my predictions in "Nuclear War: A Futurist's View, The Bible Code, Mayan Prophecy and My Vision of Wold War III."

Their Questions

1.) July 18, 2006
Anonymous said...

"bill... i've been reading into this sort of thing for some time. im 21 and a lot of ppl my age feel like me where a lot of things are going to happen in this generation - but all the material there is to read on this subject covers only the effect on the US - what would the implication be for the uk, and europe in general? would there be any invasions from the middle east, or like the paris riots / the 7/7 bombings, would the enemy emerge from within?"

2.) July 19, 2006
TOSCAN said...

"Hi, I find this very interesting...when we see what happens today...I'm from france, i didn't see one word about it...What about the old continent what will it become?? Do we have an important role?? I Want all this to change...But monkeys are on power..."

My Answers
For the United Kingdom I "see" in my mind's eye a large artillery round or bomb. I also "see" this artillery round or bomb rising up from "underground." This leads me to believe that once again an explosive device will be detonated in the London Underground. Perhaps I am picking up an image from the past, or perhaps this image represents a repeat of the bombings which occurred in London on July 7, 2005.

I also "see" the engine of a train colliding with something and derailing. Some cars behind it also derail. This may be related to the image described above of the London Underground explosion or it may represent another, different incident.

A natural disaster will strike the United Kingdom. The image I "see" is of people in a small boat waving their arms. There appears to be a flood. The image I have looks like a major storm blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean and bringing with it wind, heavy rain and severe flooding. This storm, surprisingly, may be the remains of a tropical storm or hurricane. I know this already has happened before in the U.K. Here again I may be picking up an image from the past or else severe flooding will happen again.

Not all of World War III will be fought by conventional armies along clearly defined battle lines. I see more terrorist attacks throughout the world and these attacks will be well organized.

Several cities in Italy will be the targets of terrorist attacks. Rome stands out as the major target. Another target of terrorist attacks will be Venice. Florence is a target of terrorist attacks as well. Other Italian cities also will be targeted. These attacks will be launched by a well organized terrorist group, perhaps a military or paramilitary organization. These attacks will be acts of war.

Europe will be drawn into World War III.

There will be intense fighting in the Balkan Peninsula. With the break up of the old Yugoslavia, the countries now in the Balkan Peninsula are numerous. These countries include Slovenia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina , Croatia, Montinegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and the European part of Turkey.

The Balkan Peninsula comes up for me as the location for a major conflict in Europe. The Balkan Peninsula will have both strategic and psychological importance. Both sides will focus on the Balkans as the place to make their stand and drive the other side out. Intense fighting will take place in the Balkans. This fighting will consist of terrorist attacks, bombings and guerilla warfare, all of which will become most intense in several Balkan countries. Battles between conventional military forces may take place in the Balkans as well. The fighting in the Balkans will require the deployment of NATO military forces from the United Kingdom, Germany, and other European nations.

Troops from several European nations will be deployed to Lebanon. Whether France sends any troops to Lebanon will become a major issue. I think there will be heated disagreement within the French government and protests by many of the French people concerning whether to support or denounce Israel.

I foresee a major issue dividing the French. This issue seems to be focused on Israel. France will become another center of the conflict in Europe. Terrorism will emerge from within France. The impression I get is that of France torn apart from within by internal strife. France for a time will be subjected to violent acts of destruction. This destruction appears to be planned, organized and perpetrated by people from within France. But I also sense a strength which will build up throughout France to re-unify the country and protect it from further destruction. Perhaps it is the strength of national pride, or perhaps it is a leader who rises up to take charge and put an end to the strife. I "see" the statue of a leader, a man. This statue seems to represent a strong leader. This statue of a male leader may be literal or symbolic. I feel "some force of strength" will develop to protect France.

Nonetheless, Israel and the United States will bear the brunt of the bombings and attacks as World War III intensifies and escalates. Full scale military invasions onto both Israeli and U.S. soil will take place during World War III. I do not know yet how it will turn out in Israel, but I know the U.S. will repel these attacks and drive out the invaders. Both Israel and the U.S. will sustain heavy casualties and major destruction during World War III.

If we have the power to make World War, then we also have the power to make World Peace. Click on

© 2006 by William L. Tenuto


Anonymous Anjelica said...

Thank you for the extra information. I am very interested in your visions and concerned.

Do your visions ever begin to change due to certain events that occur that alter the future, or do your visions stay the same, as in the future is unevitable.

I really hope when this is all over the new humanity will be much better than it is now, with no greed and capitalism. Socialism would be nice where everyone has everything available to them and it's just peaceful for once!

Thank you so much for sharing your visions it gives me home for mother earth and all of her creations.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 11:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anjelica said...

I meant to say gives me hope :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 11:09:00 PM  

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