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Spiritual Enlightenment Is Accessible To Everyone: Future News Predicts World Peace

Spiritual Enlightenment Is Accessible To Everyone: Future News Predicts World Peace
Bill Tenuto
June 11, 2010

From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.
Chief Joseph, Nez Perce, October 5, 1877

The State of War
The human condition has kept us in the illusion of darkness and has perpetuated our separation from the energy of spirit. In spite of the very best intentions of people of good will, we continue to resort to violence and war to solve our problems.

The State of Enlightenment
Violence and war never will result in a lasting solution.

Chief Golden Eagle, Tribal Chief of the Yankton Dakota Sioux, once said these words to me about war. "There is so much more than war. War has always been an illusion created by the international banking industry. Let evil destroy evil. Concentrate and focus on your mission and sacred responsibility. Concentrate on the beautiful prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled. So much beauty that you stand for and honor as a sacred light being."

Mother Earth wants to provide for us. We are her children, but we have forgotten how to receive the gifts she wants to give us. Relearning how to receive that which Mother Earth wants to give us begins with remembering how to transform the energy of spirit into physical reality! This is an advanced human ability which we have forgotten, but which is readily accessible to each of us now.

In this window in time that has opened for us, we are destined to remember how to use this ability. This ability lies dormant within each of us.

For many years I have held a vision of a new world, a world which inevitably must come because this is the destiny of our generation. My vision is that of a paradise we collectively create here on Mother Earth. To make this paradise a reality, we must stop all wars forever.

I see the solution clearly, and so I offer it to you now.

I put this call out to lightworkers. We are the bridge people, showing the way out of the old world and into the new world. We have come to create the New Humanity on the New Earth. As lightworkers, we are empowered to shed light in the darkness. As lightworkers, we are given the ability to spread the word of spiritual understanding. As lightworkers, we now have this window in time in which to accomplish these things.

Peace is a form of energy. The Hopi have been holding and maintaining the energy of peace within the circle of their tribe for centuries. This is the task of the Hopi—to preserve within the circle of the Hopi tribe the energy of peace. The Hopi work with the energy of peace (as well as with many other forms of energy) in a disciplined and spiritually humble way. The traditional, religious Hopi are astonishingly telepathic and clairvoyant. Most westerners have no idea how clearly telepathic and clairvoyant the traditional Hopi are. They use these and other skills to work with energy. The Hopi know how.

The Hopi understand and guard the secrets to holding the energy of peace. They are preserving this energy for the new world that is coming. They do this by maintaining the energy of peace within themselves, individually and within the circle of their tribe.

My sense of this is the time already has come for the energy of peace to be released, to be “communicated” at the unspoken level—energetically— from one person to the next. Ultimately, when enough people carry this energy within themselves, it will have a calming effect on everyone else, and Mother Earth at last will be at peace.

It all starts with energy. For the energy of peace to go out in all directions and effectively take a firm hold around the world, we as lightworkers first must learn how to hold and contain this energy within ourselves. Holding and containing energy is a spiritual power which can be learned. It is a skill which I have learned and can teach. When each and every person walking on Mother Earth holds within himself or herself the energy of peace, we then will have everlasting peace.

Now is the time to make this happen. It's now or never.

How does one work with energy? It’s done by willingly releasing one's ego to the energy of spirit while at the same time focusing in a disciplined way on transforming this energy into physical reality. This is the “magic” that will create the new world. It is in this way that we are co-creators with the universe—with the very force of life itself. This “magic” starts with letting go and then aligning oneself with this force. From this comes the lightness of spirit that will stop us from destroying ourselves. Lightness of spirit is the power of the lightworker. Lightness of spirit means to soar into spiritual flight, independently and of our own free wills. This is freedom! This lightness lifts us into the state of spiritual enlightenment.

In the new world that is coming, each of us will walk as avatars, as enlightened spiritual masters with the wisdom and knowledge to transform the energy of the spirit into physical form. The two realities of the spirit and of the physical will merge into one. We will see the spirit with our physical eyes. It’s all a matter of enlightened perception.

Enlightenment is readily accessible now to those who are willing to make the effort to go for it. There’s no longer a need to struggle to attain it. It’s right there. A global society living life each day on Mother Earth in a spiritual state of enlightenment will create for itself a shared energy which will uplift our spirits and release us in joy and which, because of the very nature of enlightenment, will create peace within each individual. When we mutually attain enlightenment—and this is where we are headed—we will spontaneously generate lasting world peace. This is the solution.

As lightworkers, we continue to move forward to make this happen. This is, for us now and in this moment, our window in time, our opportunity to create a new world. It is the reason why we have come here.

Knowing and understanding is the key to all that is worth coming. Knowing and understanding will lead us to our own destiny.

(Note: The article above is an excerpt, with some revisions, of a lengthier article I posted on December 9, 2009 on my other Blog, The New Humanity on the New Earth: If you wish to read the complete, original article, please click here:

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