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Earthquake Off The Coast Of Peru; A Look Beyond December 21, 2012; My Time With The Hopi

Future News--Earthquake Off The Coast Of Peru; A Look Beyond December 21, 2012; My Time With The Hopi
August 17, 2007
Bill Tenuto

The Vision
On January 15, 2005, in a Future News posting titled, "Tsunami Will Be Caused By Earthquake In Pacific," I predicted the earthquake and tsunami which later occurred off the coast of Peru on August 15, 2007. Here is my prediction:

"I feel now as I write this that this uplifting of land probably will be caused by a massive earthquake or volcanic eruption. It appears to me now, as I 'look,' that the epicenter of this earthquake and/or volcanic eruption will be located off the coast of South America under the Pacific Ocean and near that part of South America that, according to the picture I saw in my mind's eye, 'looked fat.' To get more specific, the World Atlas I recently purchased shows that there is a part of South America that does look 'fat.' It's a section of South America that bulges out to the west. Two countries are located on that bulge--Ecuador and Peru. The picture I saw in my mind's eye also gave the appearance that Australia was moving towards South America, and the waters of the Pacific appeared to be squeezed between the two continents. I think this picture is symbolic of a mass of water, a tsunami, appearing to move away from South America…."

The Confirmation
The earthquake and tsunami I had seen in my mind's eye in January 2005 became a reality on August 15, 2007.

As reported on CNN Headline News, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 (I had predicted a "massive" earthquake, and a magnitude 8.0 is definitely massive.) struck off the coast of Peru on August 15, 2007 at about 6:30pm local time.

"A magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck off the coast of central Peru on Wednesday [August 15, 2007], according to the U.S. Geological Survey."

"The quake generated a tsunami too. Fortunately it wasn't large enough to cause significant problems."
(CNN Headline News, August 16, 2007)

A Look Beyond December 21, 2012
The future events I had "seen" in January 2005 were, at that time, just pictures in my mind's eye; but on August 15, 2007, those pictures took a solid form and manifested themselves into real events reported around the world.

From my perspective on the broader picture of human evolution, the events I predict serve as markers in time, and as we learn to raise our consciousness and evolve, we find ourselves and our planet going through stages of growing pains. We live in what the Hopi call The Time of Purification. The Maya call it The Time of the Prophecies, and according to the Maya a new world will begin when the sun rises in alignment with the center of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012.

When I look beyond the predictions of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and similar events, I too see a new world coming and bringing with it a new humanity on a New Earth. What I see coming will be a different side of life, a side all people certainly will enjoy but are not yet accustomed to having. What I see coming will be a time of lightness of spirit, a time of transparency, a time filled with shared laughter and great joy. It will be a time of connection to the Creator. The potential for this already exists in our nature as human beings, and it all one day will become an integral part of our every day lives.

My Time With The Hopi
The few Hopi who continue to hold to the old traditions know how we will create this new world. In June 2007, I spent some time with the mystical people of the Hopi, and they showed me the way; yet somehow what they showed me was really only a reminder about something I already knew. The knowledge they shared with me was already in me. I just needed to be immersed in the culture of the Hopi to awaken it. My visit with the Hopi brought with it the awakening I had been seeking for many years, and from it I received the gift of spiritual understanding. When the understanding came to me, it happened in a moment of peace and openness while I was gazing across the floor of the Northern Arizona desert. In that instant, my whole being knew I had connected to the Creator. All at once I felt a part of the source of everything, yet at the same time I felt my own individuality with the power to influence the world around me. The source I had connected to was the energy of creation. In my own individual way, I too was that energy, separate, yet one and the same.

People who already have spiritual understanding will immediately recognize what I experienced, and it is the people with spiritual understanding who, by the direction of their very lives, will make the new world a reality. I believe I can help others who want it to acquire this understanding. Soon I will go out and teach what I have learned to help get us ready for the new world that is coming.

There are two simple rules:

1.) Sing the praises of the Creator and remember to thank the Creator every day for all that we have. Give thanks with a smile shining in your eyes and joy in your heart. This will uplift your spirit. This is the meaning of spiritual flight, and once we know how to fly, we will change the world. (Please see Future News, "The Alignment Of December 21, 2012 And The Lesson of Love,"

2.) Each of us should be caring of everyone else, not just of ourselves and our immediate families, but of every other person we contact. All people should be caring of all other people. This will solve the world's problems.

When we achieve this and it has spread all around the world, in that instant we will discover we have created heaven on Earth. We once had heaven on Earth. It belonged to everyone. It was known as Paradise. Yes, we lost Paradise. But we can get it back.

And that's Future News.

Copyright © 2007 by William L. Tenuto