Saturday, May 05, 2007


Future News-Hopi
Bill Tenuto
May 5, 2007

On the mesas of Northern Arizona there's a place known to Native Americans as Hopi or Hopiland. The Hopi people have lived there for centuries.

For many years I have wanted to go there, and I have been preparing myself for the journey, whenever it was meant to happen, for most of my adult life.

I am called to go there now. I am ready, at last.

I've heard many of the modern day Hopi continue to live in the old, traditional way, as did the generations of Hopi who preceded them. It's a rugged way of life. Their land is dry and barren. I've heard they choose to live simply, refusing to use electricity or even indoor plumbing. I've heard many of the Hopi don't have enough to eat. They're very, very poor.

I will bring them food to share, and I will share with them the gift of my vision. I will bring them my kindness. I will bring them my love. I go to them to offer my friendship.

Among Native Americans it is said the Hopi are the "Keepers of the Peace." The word Hopi itself means peace. I have not yet met them, yet I feel myself already connecting to them in a way that brings me peace within. I pray they will accept me.

After all this time, I now am ready to go to them. At last, to feel around me the mystical world of the Hopi, to feel around me the People of Peace. I know my future awaits me there, in a dry, dusty place in Northern Arizona.

And that's Future News.

(For my views about the Hopi, world peace and the future of humanity, please read "Flight," Section Two: "The Four Corners." Click on

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