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Syria Test-Fires Missiles

Future News--Syria Test-Fires Missiles
Bill Tenuto
June 9, 2005

I posted "Nuclear War: A Futurist's View, The Bible Code, Mayan Prophecy and My Vision of World War III" on the Future News site on December 2, 2004. In that article (which, for brevity, I call "Nuclear War"*), I made the following prediction:

"What I foresee is one possible future which will bring, in 2006, the deployment and use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. I foresee that at least one nuclear weapon will be launched from Syria. The target of this missile will be somewhere within Israel."

One June 3, 2005, the following report appeared in The New York Times:

"Syria test-fired three scud missiles last Friday [May 27, 2005], including one that broke up over Turkish territory and showered missile parts down onto unsuspecting Turkish farmers, Israeli military officials said."

"These were the first such Syrian missile tests since 2001, the Israelis said, and were part of a Syrian missile development project designed, the Israelis contend, to deliver air-burst chemical weapons."

"…the Israelis noted that the test was the first time Syria had fired a missile over another country--a member of NATO--when Damascus could easily have moved its mobile launchers to the center of the country to avoid a flight over Turkey altogether."

"The Israeli officials said they interpreted the launchings as a gesture of defiance to the United States and the United Nations by the Syrian president, Bashir al-Assad…."

"Israeli officials, who are familiar with the intelligence but asked that their names and departments not be identified, decided to publicize the tests in part because they were puzzled by the American silence about them, and because Israel sees them as part of a troubling pattern of behavior by Mr. Assad."
(Steven Erlanger, "Syria Test-Fires 3 Scud Missiles, Israelis Say," The New York Times, June 3, 2005.)

To reiterate, the above New York Times article states that the launching of these three missiles was part of "a Syrian missile development project." Perhaps Syria is flexing its muscles and nothing more, but if Syria has been undertaking a missile development project, it is possible that Syria is now preparing to strike Israel with the "air-burst chemical weapons" mentioned in the article. This in itself would be a horrible event.

But there is yet another possibility. The same New York Times article quoted above also says:

"Israel--which occupies the Golan Heights, taken from Syria in the 1967 war--is particularly concerned about the Syrian missile program and the Syrian hold, now shaken, over bordering Lebanon."
(Erlanger, The New York Times, June 3, 2005.)

In "Nuclear War" I had said, "At first the fighting will be concentrated in the northern sections of Israel, near Israel's borders with Lebanon and Syria…. My vision 'sees' Syria as the point of origin of a nuclear missile aimed at Israel." (See also "Armed Clash Signals Approach of World War III", Future News, May 14, 2005.)

In a recent conversation I had with Carlos Barrios, a priest of the Mayan people, I told him, "I am seeing signs that a nuclear war will be starting in the Middle East."

Carlos' response to my statement was calm and objective. "We are seeing this, too," he said to me. "It is coming soon. It is about the oil."
*Note: I first wrote the "Nuclear War" article on October 10, 2003 under the working title "Future News #36." I finalized the article and posted it here on the Future News site on December 2, 2004. Those who wish to read it can find the "Nuclear War" article by going to the Future News Home Page and opening the December 2004 archive in the left column.)

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


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