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Terrorism and the Invasion of the United States--Part One

Future News-Terrorism and the Invasion of the United States--Part One
Bill Tenuto
May 18, 2005

25 years ago I began to see, in a very general way, images of a period of major destruction which would take place during my lifetime. During the past two years these images have become more defined. Now I am seeing many details about specific, destructive events.

This is very difficult. The images I see bring me great sadness. I see lives will be lost. I am able to write about these images only in small pieces, a little at a time. I will write what I foresee as it comes into my mind's eye.

This is Part One of what I think will be a series of articles I will write about the destruction that is coming. This first article contains the content of a pure vision about events I foresee happening on the East Coast of the United States. I see that most of these East Coast events will take place near the New Jersey Turnpike and Newark Liberty Airport and the ocean freight docks of the Port of New York and New Jersey.

I also have seen images of related events taking place on the West Coast. I will write about these images in an upcoming article.

25 years ago, this time of destruction loomed far away on the horizon of my lifetime. What I saw then was portrayed in my mind's eye in sketchy images of a distant future. Now these images are filling themselves in for me with more detail, and the events these images foretell seem close to becoming reality.

Terrorism--Invasion East Coast
The Vision:
I see a metal canister with a plunger in it. Instead of a person pushing down on the plunger, a person pulls up and thereby opens the canister which is filled with gasoline. Automobiles are blown up. I also see on the ground clumps of a small, rounded (but irregularly-shaped), brown, dirt-like substance which may represent a mix used to make an explosive, perhaps like the fertilizer mix said to be used in the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. I see a man squatting down to get a closer look at this substance. I see gas storage tanks around Newark Airport and the northeastern area of New Jersey near the New Jersey Turnpike and Newark Airport and the Port of New York and New Jersey…also Baltimore, Maryland is affected…and Staten Island, New York…and oil refineries in the Linden and Elizabeth, New Jersey areas. Gasoline is set on fire. Exploded by trucks or by a freight steamship moored at a dock? I see that it is an ocean-going freight container ship--a ship which carries containers filled with freight--which starts the fire. Possibly a gas tanker truck filling up with gasoline is detonated first. The tanker truck blows up and the fire backs into a gasoline storage tank. Then sea freight containers blow up on the freighter moored at the dock. I am not sure how the explosion of the tanker truck and the explosion of the freighter are related or if they are separate incidents. Was the freighter taking on fuel at the dock?

Gasoline is somehow spread around storage tanks by someone and lit. Perhaps some of these tanks have been deliberately opened to allow gas to leak out. Tops or sides of some tanks blow off. Most tanks hold up and do not blow, but the heat is intense around some. This causes pressure to build up in some tanks and this blow their tops off or blows their sides out, spilling more gasoline which runs out, ignites and intensifies the heat even more, spreads near other tanks and heats the other tanks until they blow up. It's a chain reaction of fuel tank explosions.

I see southern Florida, near Miami. I am directed to the old Homestead Air Force Base area. I see aircraft exploding. Fires perhaps? Something comes into the United States through or near Miami. Is it a weapon of some sort? Is it possibly inside of a sea container used for freight? Is it put on a truck or railroad car for delivery to Port Newark in New Jersey or to Baltimore, Maryland? What is in this container? Or is there something else that happens? Does a missile strike Miami or Homestead Air Force Base? Or does a bomb explode at Homestead Air Force Base? Is it from Cuba? Or from Venezuela? What is it about southern Florida in the area around Miami and old Homestead Air Force Base? Perhaps aircraft are deployed from there (U.S. Air Force Reserve and/or Air National Guard aircraft?) to patrol the skies over the East Coast.

New York harbor is blocked by…no…a freighter ship comes into port and blows up. Sets some gasoline storage tanks on fire. Some tanks were opened deliberately and were spilling out gasoline which later caught fire after the ship exploded. Ship was taking on fuel. Explosion takes down elevated roadway nearby. Aircraft at Newark Airport are in danger. Some airplanes on the ground at Newark Airport seem to have exploded, too, or else are charred from surrounding heat of fire.

I see many storage tanks later after the explosions occur. The sides of them are blackened from fires. The fires seem to be more around them, but not in them. Gasoline was spilled everywhere on ground and even sprayed out into the air because of the explosion of a ship in the dock which contained gasoline. I see some automobiles blowing up, and they are lifted off of the ground. The whole area is charred and blackened from fires. U.S. airforce military fighters are deployed and flying over to check for further trouble--the word I hear strongly is that they check for more "INCURSIONS." The fires are impossible to control, but after a prolonged period of time, they burn themselves out.

© 2005 by William L. Tenuto


Anonymous Anonymous said...

r u on crack, because a lot of guys that have "visions" r? if not, r u sure u r'nt dreaming

Monday, March 26, 2007 3:15:00 PM  
Blogger Bill Tenuto said...

Take the time to read through "Future News." You will discover that generally my visions are accurate.
Your assumptions about me are not.
Bill Tenuto

Monday, March 26, 2007 10:18:00 PM  

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