Saturday, May 14, 2005

Armed Clash Signals Approach of World War III

Future News--Armed Clash Signals Approach of World War III
Bill Tenuto
May 14, 2005

I posted "Nuclear War: A Futurist's View, The Bible Code, Mayan Prophecy and My Vision of World War III" on the Future News site on December 2, 2004. In that article (which, for brevity, I call "Nuclear War"*), I made the following prediction:

"At first, the fighting will be concentrated in the northern sections of Israel, near Israel's borders with Lebanon and Syria...."

This prediction is now unfolding. On May 13, 2005, the following news report appeared on the CNN news ticker:

"Hezbollah and Israeli forces exchanged barrages of shells and rockets across Lebanese border; Israeli warplanes hit guerilla positions in heaviest clash in months." (For the complete story, which originally was reported by the Associated Press, see )

It is important to mention here that Iran provides major financial support for Hezbollah in Lebanon and elsewhere, and Iran also is currently saying it will start enriching uranium again. This ties in with another prediction I wrote in "Nuclear War":

"Iran seems to be the wild card. …Iran could hold the 'hot button' that would trigger an escalation in the conflict, resulting in a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East."

With the exception of the one report quoted above from the CNN news ticker and the Associated Press, this clash between Hezbollah and Israel has received no attention yet from the media.

According to my vision, this clash between Hezbollah and Israel on the border between Israel and Lebanon is a significant marker in time. The unfolding of this prediction marks the start of a series of events which will build up momentum and surge forward with increasing force, eventually sweeping the Middle East into a nuclear war and then drawing the rest of the world into World War III.

This clash between Hezbollah and Israel signals the onset of a very dangerous time for humanity.
(*Note: I first wrote the "Nuclear War" article on October 10, 2003 under the working title "Future News #36." I finalized the article and posted it here on the Future News site on December 2, 2004. Those who wish to read it can find the "Nuclear War" article by going to the Future News Home Page and opening the December 2004 archive in the left column.)

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