Saturday, January 15, 2005

Urgent Call From Mayan Elders of Guatemala

Future News--Urgent Call from Mayan Elders of Guatemala
January 12, 2005
Bill Tenuto

I just learned a short time ago that in addition to calling me (and probably several other people) on the phone on January 10th, Carlos Barrios also posted on January 10th the following message on the Saq' Be' (pronounced Sock Bay) Organization's Web site. To link to the Saq' Be' Web site, click above on the title of this article.

Here is the message Carlos posted:

Monday, January 10 2005
Contributed by: Admin
Through the ancient techniques of divination and tools of prophecy, the Mayan elders are calling forth to humanity at THIS TIME to pay closer attention to the messages being sent forth by the mother earth and to immediately take the actions they have been calling for, to unite in an effort to bring balance again upon our planet. The recent destruction that manifested in Indonesia is predicted to now occur rapidly upon five continents of the earth. This message is not meant to induce fear, to the contrary, it is a call for bravery and for action. The elders are concerned about what has been presented in their recent divinations and they call to all humanity to warn their leaders and to work very hard at a spiritual level to prevent the impending destruction. This message, verified and brought forth by various Mayan elders in Guatemala, is for all of humanity. The hurricanes in the US and the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia have been warnings and we must now pay attention or the possibilities of floods in Europe, Los Angeles, earthquakes and other efforts of the mother earth to awaken us will manifest quickly.

There is a specific call for people around the world to join in prayer, meditation or whatever method of spirituality one engages in to unite on January 18th at the time of their local sunset (approx 6:00PM). This date is B'elejeb(9) Keme according to the sacred Mayan Cholq’ij calendar and has the potential for protecting humanity from disaster.

There will be many major ceremonies in the Mayan communities for this purpose. An open invitation is extended to humanity that wish to join the Mayan people for the Waxa’qib B’atz’ ceremonies on February 12th in Guatemala.
Again, this is a strong message, not meant to drive us to react in fear, for this will only negatively impact the level of destruction and our own circumstance. This is the opportunity for humanity to rise to the occasion and come together along the strong lines that unite us and overcome the obstacles that divide us. Please distribute this message widely.

Message issued by Mayan elders in Guatemala and delivered via:
Carlos Barrios, Mayan Ajq’ij, Antigua, Guatemala
Adam Rubel, Co-Director, Saq’ Be’: Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies


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