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Tsunami Will Be Caused By Earthquake in Pacific

Future News--Tsunami Will Be Caused By Earthquake in Pacific
January 11, 2005
Bill Tenuto

Two days ago, on January 9th, I sent an e-mail to Carlos Barrios in Guatemala. My feelings about the worldwide response to the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster were surfacing, and I wanted to communicate what I felt to Carlos. I told him, "The tsunami was very powerful. I feel that this was a strong warning which has opened many hearts throughout the world."

I wanted to tell Carlos that the human death, loss and grief caused by this powerful disaster had produced an outpouring of love from all around the world. I wanted him to know that in the wake of this tsunami came the hope that we human beings could open our hearts to each other. I felt within me that Carlos would understand all of this without my having to say it all to him.

In my e-mail, I also asked Carlos, "Was this one of the 'inundations' which the Mayan Elders had predicted?" (For a brief reference to the Mayan predictions about "inundations" and other natural disasters, please see the section: Carlos Barrios, a Priest of the Mayan People, in the Future News article below this one, "Nuclear War: A Futurist's View, the Bible Code, Mayan Prophecy and My Vision of World War III.")

I wrote my e-mail to Carlos quickly and without effort. It took about two minutes. After I sent it, I had expected that Carlos would read it and e-mail me back when he had the time. After all, that's the way it usually works. He surprised me when, the next day, January 10th, Carlos called me.

When I answered the phone, he said, "Hello. This is Carlos Barrios. I read your e-mail and I think you are right. I will send you the prophecies from the Elders about these same kinds of things that will be happening to five of the continents on the earth."

When he said this a picture of the earth appeared in my mind's eye. I could see continents in the Southern Hemisphere. South America looked fat, like it had acquired more landmass and was bulging out at the middle. Australia gave the appearance of somehow moving in the direction of South America, and the waters of the Pacific were being squeezed between the two continents.

"Okay", I said, feeling more that a little bit stunned. "Will you e-mail the prophecies to me?"

"Yes." He answered, "I will e-mail them. On February 10th is the Mayan New Year. You are invited to come. Bring along anyone you want. They are invited too."

"February 10th?", I asked, making sure I understood him, while trying to organize in my mind everything else he had just said to me. It occurred to me I was not at all prepared for him to respond to my e-mail with a phone call.

"Yes", he said, "and here is my phone number in Guatemala. Do you have something to write it down?"

"Yes, go ahead", I answered as I reached for the note pad near my phone.

He gave me his phone number, we said goodbye, and that is where he and I have left it for now.

The prophecies of the Mayan Elders about "five of the continents on the earth" will appear in Future News when Carlos Barrios e-mails them to me.

Meanwhile, what about South America, Australia and the Pacific Ocean? The picture I saw while on the phone with Carlos showed more land rising up in South America. I feel now as I write this that this uplifting of land probably will be caused by a massive earthquake and/or volcanic eruption. It appears to me now, as I "look", that the epicenter of this earthquake and/or volcanic eruption will be located off the western coast of South America under the Pacific Ocean and near the part of South America that, according to the picture I saw in my mind's eye, "looked fat". To get more specific, the World Atlas I recently purchased shows that there is a part of South American that does in fact look "fat". It's a section of South America that bulges out to the west. Two countries are located on that bulge--Ecuador and Peru. The picture I saw in my mind's eye also gave the appearance that Australia was moving towards South America, and the waters of the Pacific appeared to be squeezed between the two continents. I think this picture is symbolic of a mass of water, a tsunami, appearing to move away from South America and towards Australia (and towards the islands of the South Pacific near Australia). Also, because a tsunami's waves tend to move out 360 degrees in all directions from the tsunami's point of origin, these waves would hit portions of the South American coast as well as hitting other coastlines around a circle from where the tsunami originates.

To summarize, here is my interpretation of what I saw in my mind's eye while on January 10th:

As a result of a massive earthquake and/or volcanic eruption under the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Peru and Ecuador, a powerful tsunami will travel across the Pacific Ocean in the direction of Australia and the neighboring island nations of the South Pacific. The waves of this tsunami will also hit portions of the South American coast as well as other coastlines along the tsunami's path.

Copyright 2005 by William L. Tenuto


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