Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Earthquake Shakes Mount Ranier. Future News Predicts Devastating Eruption

We have entered a time of change. Certain events stand out like signposts, like markers along the way, showing us in what direction we are headed. Some rare and unusual phenomena occurring now in nature suggest our very survival may well depend on whether we take better care of our earth.

I want to re-emphasize what I just said in, "Arctic Icecap Heating Up Twice As Fast As the Rest of the Earth":

"In my view, we still have some time left to turn the momentum away from destroying our planet and ourselves, but I feel the window of opportunity is closing." Certain events will serve as "markers" in a "countdown toward some point in time when it will be too late for humanity to stop the momentum."

I also wrote in "Arctic Icecap..." about Carlos Barrios, a priest of the Mayan people, whom I recently met at a conference in Sedona, AZ. Carlos says, "If we don't do anything to change our relations with our environment, with Mother Earth, she will take revenge..."

In New York City, back in 1991, I had the privilege of meeting a Native American, Sun Bear, who also had something to say about the earth taking revenge. In one of his books, Sun Bear described a Native American prophecy predicting the eruption of Mount Ranier.

Sun Bear was a Chippewa medicine man and founder of the Bear Tribe, located near Spokane, Washington. I am sorry to say he passed away several years ago. He was a soft-spoken, gentle and unassuming person. He had calmness about him and a quiet way of showing that he cared, and I never have forgotten my brief encounter with him.

In a book he co-authored (with Wabun Wind) and published in 1992, Black Dawn, Bright Day: Indian Prophecies for the Millennium that Reveal the Fate of the Earth, Sun Bear refers to one of the upcoming "markers" in time, one of the markers which I say will mark humanity's countdown to a point of no return. Sun Bear said:

"I live in the State of Washington. The Native people there have a prophecy that came to them a long time back. This prophecy said that there would come a time when the Little Sister would speak and the Grandfather would answer, and the land would be swept clean to the ocean.... The mountain we call the Little Sister is called Mt. St. Helens in the geography books. On May 18th of 1980, the Little Sister spoke and threw a cubic mile of mountain into the air, covering the whole Northwest, and eventually the globe, with volcanic ash."

According to Sun Bear, the "Grandfather" spoken of in the prophecy is Mount Ranier.

After the 1980 eruption, Mt. St. Helens did not "speak" again and Mount Ranier, of course, has not given any "answer"; but just recently, after a long period of silence, Mt. St. Helens, the Little Sister, did "speak" again. On November 7, 2004, in a short segment about Mt. St. Helens, CNN Headline News showed, "pictures of a glowing lava protrusion inside the crater. It's grown 330 feet in nine days", the news anchor said.

More important for this prediction, and to underscore the meaning of the times we have entered, is today's report about Mount Ranier from (Nov. 10, 2004):

"Seattle, Washington (AP)-- Mount Ranier shook with a 3.2 magnitude earthquake.... The quake was centered one mile beneath the surface of Ranier's crater.... Sunday's quake occurred within a cluster of 17 to 18 shallow temblors over several hours."

(Note: to open this report, click above on the title of this article--B.T.)

I have for many years pondered the Native American prophecy passed on to us by Sun Bear; and without going to my Gift of Vision to make this prediction, I have considered the news reports about the current activity of Mt. St. Helens and Mount Ranier.

I believe Mount Ranier, which has been dormant for 150 years, has again become active and will erupt this time with an enormously devastating force. The upcoming eruption of Mount Ranier will cause the land in the Seattle area to "be swept clean to the ocean."

This eruption will serve as another marker in time and space, and, as I said in "Arctic Icecap...", take "us a little closer to a point where we won't be able to reverse the trend."

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