Monday, November 08, 2004

Arctic Icecap Heating Up Twice As Fast as the Rest of the Earth

The article I have linked here comes to us from (To see this article, click above on the title of this piece-B.T.)

Jennifer Morgan, Director of the World Wildlife Fund's global climate change campaign is quoted in this article as saying, "The big melt has begun."

The article also says, "Global warming is heating the Arctic almost twice as fast as the rest of the planet in a thaw that threatens the livelihoods of millions of people and could wipe out polar bears..."

The article goes on to say, "President Bush has made it clear he opposes mandatory curbs on gases like carbon monoxide, which creates a greenhouse effect on earth."

I ask how much more Mother Earth can tolerate before she must compensate with fury to protect herself.

The technology is available for us to fuel our vehicles safely with hydrogen fuel. Scientists and engineers who are familiar with hydrogen fuel tell us the only waste product from this fuel is water. Now that's progress. But, then, if we used hydrogen for fuel, what would become of the oil industry?

I would like to say hello to Carlos Barrios in Guatamala. This is a good point at which to bring Carlos into this discussion. Carlos is a priest of the Mayan people whom I recently met in Sedona, Az. Carlos passes on to us a message from the Mayan Elders. We "must take action now to stop the destruction."

When I heard Carlos speak last month in Arizona at the Prophets Sedona Conference, he said, "Mother Earth shows us...her power. If we don't do anything to change our relations with our environment, with Mother Earth, she will take revenge because in this moment we are like a plague. We need to change our minds, our hearts, and we need to go to the development of ourselves."

In my view, we still have some time left to turn the momentum away from destroying our planet and ourselves, but I think the window of opportunity is closing. I feel we are caught in a countdown toward some point in time when it will be too late for humanity to stop the momentum. The re-election of George Bush was a significant marker in the countdown. This latest news about the current increased rate of melting of the Arctic icecap is another marker. More markers are surely coming up, and probably more quickly now.

With such problems cropping up, one after the next, do we not notice we are moving a little closer to a point where we won't be able to reverse the trend?

Lately, I have found myself asking, "Which way will we go?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
I read your last blog post. Environmental focus I believe is the key to this
new vision. I'm working on gathering my thoughts on holding a new vision,
and part of my inquiry demands the belief that we are here to "remember" who
we are as divine beings and in that to acknowledge we are "part" of a
creation, not "the" creation.

I don't know what lies ahead and yet there's a clear understanding within
every particle of my being that many devistating events will occur; this
seems to be part of the inevitable and near future because the "Bush"
agenda, if we can call it that (only because Bush is the fake storefront),
has one goal: keep the power at all costs.

Therefore this Bush "force" has presented an illusion of "winning" the
election. However, the true illusion lies in that the "Bush" agenda can
retain power, for true "power" lies in the seeing, being and living the
truth of our divinity. This they (Bush cronies) will not concede to because
then one, who recognizes his or her own divinity, cannot be controlled by
lies, like the one presented as the "winner" of this last, two Presidential
elections. NPR has already presented some unscrupulous activities in Ohio,
such as having 4200 votes for Bush when only 600 people are in registered in
a small town. Go figure...

But, in regards to this, they must be scared, really scared of the power
that exists in all of us to tap this divine source from within us;
otherwise, why go to such great lengths to retain this illusion of power and
world dominance? Yes, we must ground ourselves in reality; there are
currents about us and to effectively change any of this we must begin with
the recognition that we are divine beings and part of this earth, which is
also a divine creation.

Without this recognition, immediate change will be difficult because then
you buy into the apathy and despair that comes with only "seeing" with your
eyes and buying the illusion they present. Of course, one must caution
oneself to creating their own illusions, give up all need to hold onto old
identities, to illusion of power and weakness. Instead feel into the oneness
that we all are. Wisdom is there and open to us all, we just need to
cultivate our willingness to participate in a larger sense of who we are.

I know these workings, these tides that are around us have been occurring
for a while and to hitch it all to the "Bush Agenda" is somewhat naive, but
he works for now, because these lines of thoughts he presents are too deep
in historical reference to relay here.

I hope this helps you Bill with defining further you own visionary quest; we
are together in this -- all of us. There is no more seperation, for that has
been the biggest and yet necessary lie.

Let's reclaim our relationship with the earth and see ourselves remade in
this divine dance.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004 12:22:00 PM  

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