Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Vision of Future News--To My Friends

Bill Tenuto
The Vision of Future News--To My Friends
Written on June 27, 2004
Published on July 3, 2004

The Vision
As I foresee it, we human beings, the caretakers of this garden--earth--will one day take all the love in all the world, pull it together and hold it in one embrace. This is the remedy for the thousands of years of human hatred, violence, domination, war, famine, starvation, disease, loneliness--all human pain and suffering.

It is the love embrace by all for all that will create a mutation, a biochemical reaction, which will alter our physical makeup, open the spaces between the particles, atoms and molecules of our very cells and bring on the moment of our evolution and human transformation. We then will awaken, look and discover we have morphed into the new humanity on the New Earth.

Future News will provide glimpses--images--of the final miles of our journey of countless millennia down the road of human suffering. Of the many possible roads to enlightenment, it is this particular, rugged road which humanity has chosen.

Future News will describe the coming events of the future--the beauty and the ugliness, the love and the horror--which will transform humanity and the very earth itself into a into higher consciousness, a Golden Age. I foresee a new humanity, brighter, open and lighter and living in harmony with new eyes to see in the brilliant, yellow-golden light of the New Earth.

During this, the baby-boomer generation, certain events will mark our evolutionary direction, bringing with them the trouble and peril we must soon confront and then, in a twinkling and a flash, flinging us renewed into the Golden age?

When you choose to tune in, Future News will interrupt the regular programming of your lives to bring you the latest available images about these events, not as they happen, but in advance, before they happen. The Future News.

So gather around, my friends, and let me tell you all about it. I've got news for you.

I invite and will appreciate your comments.

Copyright 2004, William L. Tenuto


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