Saturday, July 03, 2004

Future News--John Kerry

Bill Tenuto
Future News--John Kerry
Written on June 30, 2004
Published on July 3, 2004

The Vision
In my mind's eye I see John Kerry. He appears to be standing on a platform near a microphone. His wife, other family members, friends and supporters stand near him. There are red and blue balloons dropping down all around him. I see mostly blue, then later some red balloons mixed in with the blue. I am viewing--foreseeing--a moment either before a Kerry speech or after a Kerry speech--or I may be seeing a moment of pause during his speech.

It appears that Kerry is speaking at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. The convention floor is crowded with people cheering loudly for Kerry.

I see Kerry look to the front of him, gazing out at the crowd. He is smiling. His smile appears soft and there seems to be a childlike glint in his eyes. Kerry seems pleased yet unassuming about the crowd cheering for him.

I feel an empathy with him in this future scene. I pick up a sensation from Kerry's body language and facial expression which suggests to me that he will feel a sense of having made sincere and solid contact with the people on the convention floor. This suggests to me that the scene I am viewing will occur either at a time when Kerry's speech is underway and is interrupted by applause or at a time when his speech is over and Kerry has just accepted the nomination for the presidency.

Then, I see an abrupt change. The unexpected occurs.

Kerry appears to gasp. There seems to be something wrong with him. He appears to be feeling pain in his chest or stomach. I cannot discern how serious a problem this represents, but I feel a serious air around this scene.

Kerry bends over. He puts his hand over his chest and now he coughs. As I view this future incident I concurrently hear in my thoughts that "something strikes him." Perhaps what strikes him is something literally external to Kerry, or perhaps what "strikes him" is symbolic of a health problem which abruptly overtakes Kerry.

"Something strikes him" is the phrase I hear repeated in my mind. "Something strikes him."

Copyright 2004, William L. Tenuto


Blogger Niles said...

Using hindsight, what struck Kerry? Was it the realization that he had no chance of winning the presidency?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 2:09:00 AM  

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