Thursday, July 08, 2004

An Interpretation of "Future News--John Kerry"

Bill Tenuto
An Interpretation of "Future News--John Kerry"
Written on July 3, 2004
Published on July 8, 2004

There may well be several interpretations of this vision.

I actually wrote "Future News--John Kerry" on June 30, 2004. I posted this prediction on the Future News Blog on July 2nd at 5:49pm ET. A few hours after posting it, I noticed a news report about John Kerry's campaign tour through the Midwest. The report aired on CNN Headline News late in the evening of July 2, 2004. By the time I got around to seeing the report, it was already past midnight and July 3rd had officially begun. The report focused on a campaign speech Kerry was giving and showed some videotape of him during and immediately after the speech. As I watched the videotape, I noticed that John Kerry's movements, gestures and facial expressions closely fit many of the details I had foreseen and described in "Future News--John Kerry."

For example, the report showed Kerry looking "in front of him" and "smiling" at the crowd of on-lookers. Kerry then placed both of his hands over his heart in a gesture of caring and good will. His smile did appear "soft" and there was "a childlike glint in his eyes", as the prediction had said, and Kerry did seem "pleased yet unassuming about the crowd cheering for him." Kerry's body language and facial expressions did suggest he felt "a sincere and solid contact with the people", and the scene did occur at a time "when Kerry's speech (was) over." It was at that moment that Kerry "put his hand over his chest."

Could Kerry's gestures and facial expressions, as shown on CNN Headline News on July 3rd, have been the fulfillment of the vision described in "Future News--John Kerry"? Yes, it could be, but with the predicted gasping, coughing, bending over and air of seriousness absent.

We know that some, but not all, of the details predicted in "Future News--John Kerry" did actually occur during his Midwest speech, given on July 2nd. Now we need to wait for the Democratic National Convention which starts on July 29th. Then we will find out which of the remaining predicted details might actually happen. Later, at a time when all of us will have the clarity of 20/20 hindsight, we can analyze the entire prediction and compare it to the actual events that will have occurred.

Interpreting this vision from another perspective can also be of value. If "Future News--John Kerry" were in fact predictive of the onset of a health problem for Kerry, then what would follow?

Let's step into this scenario from the perspective of a logical sequence.

If Kerry's health suddenly failed, the broadcast media would do what the broadcast media loves to do. They would stretch this into a long-term story, expanding on new facts day after day, and we know the media spin would be negative. That is unfortunately the standard media approach for grabbing attention and boosting ratings, and that approach would hurt Kerry and bolster Bush's chances of getting re-elected. (I believe Bush will get re-elected, although I have not yet focused on this with my gift of foresight.)

In his second term of office, George Bush would be free of any concerns about running for re-election again. Completely unfettered from any concerns about voters' opinions of him, Bush automatically would have free reign to behave as he and his associates chose. A second term for Bush, I feel, would contribute greatly to bringing about (as I had written in "The Vision of Future News--To My Friends") those major "events (which) will mark our evolutionary direction, bringing with them the trouble and peril we must soon confront...."

I invite and value your comments.

Copyright 2004 by William L. Tenuto

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Future News--John Kerry

Bill Tenuto
Future News--John Kerry
Written on June 30, 2004
Published on July 3, 2004

The Vision
In my mind's eye I see John Kerry. He appears to be standing on a platform near a microphone. His wife, other family members, friends and supporters stand near him. There are red and blue balloons dropping down all around him. I see mostly blue, then later some red balloons mixed in with the blue. I am viewing--foreseeing--a moment either before a Kerry speech or after a Kerry speech--or I may be seeing a moment of pause during his speech.

It appears that Kerry is speaking at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. The convention floor is crowded with people cheering loudly for Kerry.

I see Kerry look to the front of him, gazing out at the crowd. He is smiling. His smile appears soft and there seems to be a childlike glint in his eyes. Kerry seems pleased yet unassuming about the crowd cheering for him.

I feel an empathy with him in this future scene. I pick up a sensation from Kerry's body language and facial expression which suggests to me that he will feel a sense of having made sincere and solid contact with the people on the convention floor. This suggests to me that the scene I am viewing will occur either at a time when Kerry's speech is underway and is interrupted by applause or at a time when his speech is over and Kerry has just accepted the nomination for the presidency.

Then, I see an abrupt change. The unexpected occurs.

Kerry appears to gasp. There seems to be something wrong with him. He appears to be feeling pain in his chest or stomach. I cannot discern how serious a problem this represents, but I feel a serious air around this scene.

Kerry bends over. He puts his hand over his chest and now he coughs. As I view this future incident I concurrently hear in my thoughts that "something strikes him." Perhaps what strikes him is something literally external to Kerry, or perhaps what "strikes him" is symbolic of a health problem which abruptly overtakes Kerry.

"Something strikes him" is the phrase I hear repeated in my mind. "Something strikes him."

Copyright 2004, William L. Tenuto

The Vision of Future News--To My Friends

Bill Tenuto
The Vision of Future News--To My Friends
Written on June 27, 2004
Published on July 3, 2004

The Vision
As I foresee it, we human beings, the caretakers of this garden--earth--will one day take all the love in all the world, pull it together and hold it in one embrace. This is the remedy for the thousands of years of human hatred, violence, domination, war, famine, starvation, disease, loneliness--all human pain and suffering.

It is the love embrace by all for all that will create a mutation, a biochemical reaction, which will alter our physical makeup, open the spaces between the particles, atoms and molecules of our very cells and bring on the moment of our evolution and human transformation. We then will awaken, look and discover we have morphed into the new humanity on the New Earth.

Future News will provide glimpses--images--of the final miles of our journey of countless millennia down the road of human suffering. Of the many possible roads to enlightenment, it is this particular, rugged road which humanity has chosen.

Future News will describe the coming events of the future--the beauty and the ugliness, the love and the horror--which will transform humanity and the very earth itself into a into higher consciousness, a Golden Age. I foresee a new humanity, brighter, open and lighter and living in harmony with new eyes to see in the brilliant, yellow-golden light of the New Earth.

During this, the baby-boomer generation, certain events will mark our evolutionary direction, bringing with them the trouble and peril we must soon confront and then, in a twinkling and a flash, flinging us renewed into the Golden age?

When you choose to tune in, Future News will interrupt the regular programming of your lives to bring you the latest available images about these events, not as they happen, but in advance, before they happen. The Future News.

So gather around, my friends, and let me tell you all about it. I've got news for you.

I invite and will appreciate your comments.

Copyright 2004, William L. Tenuto

How My Gift of Foresight Works

A note to my readers:

I first noticed that I had the gift of foresight in 1979. I have worked to develop my gift ever since.

I do this work in an altered state during which time I focus my gift of foresight on receiving a vision. The vision I see in my mind's eye predicts, either literally or symbolically, a future event. The vision itself points the way; I follow. When I write a description of a vision, I write exactly what I "see" as the images flash across the viewing screen of my mind's eye.

A vision represents a prediction which can be literal, metaphorical or allegorical. We will not know which of these it is until the predicted event actually occurs, at which time we can analyze and discuss what took place.

Also, I should say something here about predictions of the date or time frame when an event will occur. Time is elusive. Some predictions of time can and will be accurate. Other predictions of time could be exactly one month off the mark, or exactly one year off the mark or sometimes completely off the mark.

I ask my readers to keep these points in mind as you follow my work.

Bill Tenuto, Future News, July 3, 2004

Copyright 2004, William L. Tenuto